Linux 3.16.67 Release

This post summarizes new features, bugfixes and changes in Linux 3.16.67 kernel release. In total, there are 158313 lines of Linux source code changed/added in Linux 3.16.67 release compared to Linux 3.16 release.

To view the source code of Linux 3.16.67 kernel release online, please check the linux-stable tree for Linux 3.16.67. If you would like to download the release package for Linux 3.16.67, please click: Linux 3.16.67. To download the patchset for Linux 3.16.67 release, please click: Linux 3.16.67 patch.

Linux 3.16.67

This change is authored by Ben Hutchings <ben [at]> on Sat May 11 15:22:50 2019 +0100.

Linux 3.16.67

The commit for this change in Linux stable tree is e4b618a (patch) which is from upstream commit 14c2d92.

All changes in this Linux release are as follows.

  • percpu: stop printing kernel addresses
  • timer/debug: Change /proc/timer_stats from 0644 to 0600
  • fork: record start_time late
  • KVM: VMX: Fix x2apic check in vmx_msr_bitmap_mode()
  • ipv4: fix a race in update_or_create_fnhe()
  • vxlan: Fix big-endian declaration of VNI
  • spi: omap-100k: Remove unused definitions
  • inet: update the IP ID generation algorithm to higher standards.
  • brcmfmac: add length checks in scheduled scan result handler
  • Revert “brcmfmac: assure SSID length from firmware is limited”

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