Linux Kernels

Linux 4.19.68 Release

This post summarizes new features, bugfixes and changes in Linux 4.19.68 kernel release. In total, there are 98805 lines of Linux source code changed/added in Linux 4.19.68 release compared to Linux 4.19 release. Linux 4.19.68 release contains 86 changes, patches or new features.

To view the source code of Linux 4.19.68 kernel release online, please check the linux-stable tree for Linux 4.19.68. If you would like to download the release package for Linux 4.19.68, please click: Linux 4.19.68. To download the patchset for Linux 4.19.68 release, please click: Linux 4.19.68 patch.

All changes in this Linux release are as follows.

Last modified: 2020/01/11 09:25